Founded in 1996 by brothers Jamie and Matthew Adams, The Roosters Band play the hard-chargin’, southern-fried kind of rock-n-roll that’s been moving people for decades. Utilizing twin lead guitars, driving rhythms and soulful vocals, this band employs the principles of classic rock with an updated modern edge.

In April 2006, The Roosters released their first album, Open Road, and started the newest chapter in the band’s history. Their original music not only showcases the band’s songwriting abilities but also their musical versatility. With nine tracks dedicated to introducing the listener to the band’s skillful playing and dynamic sound, Open Road is a revival of Southern-rock music. While the lyrics of the songs describe the band’s outlook and lifestyle, the music itself provides the clearest description of what The Roosters are all about.

The band released it’s second full-length CD, Cocked, in August 2010. Offering up 10 new songs in their quest to revive southern rock, and guitar music in general, The Roosters’ sophomore effort is a musical romp drenched in guitar brilliance. If the band’s first CD was an introduction to it’s members and their musical philosophies, then Cocked is a definitive statement of what matters to the Roosters. With songs ranging from somber to angry to just plain funny, Cocked is a rock-n-roll thrill ride complete with all the necessary southern-rock accoutrements.


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