Jamie Adams- Guitars & Vocals

Jamie Adams fell in love with the guitar at an early age and has never looked back. Founding the Roosters in 1996 with his brother Matthew, Jamie has never quite changed his passion for great guitar music.

"I don't really listen to anything else. I love metal, hard rock and of course the blues, but southern rock is my favorite. Music without great guitar is boring to me." Although Jamie occupies himself with various other pursuits, namely motorcycles and airplanes, playing music is always on his mind.

"I've written songs for the Roosters in the cockpit of airplanes and while riding my motorcycle. I draw inspiration from the cool things I get to do and the cool people I get to meet."

Jamie uses Gibson guitars, Mesa amplifiers and Steve Clayton Custom guitar picks.

Matthew Adams- Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar

Matthew Adams grew up listening to country and bluegrass music and it shows. Co-founding the Roosters with his brother, Matthew always has kept his early musical influences alive while handling the dual roles of lead vocalist and bassist.

"I think you can hear my music roots when I play bass but especially, with my singing, you can tell where I come from. That's important to me, it makes our music familiar."

With his bass-playing, Matthew has always labored towards giving the Roosters a thick groove sound, something to which people can dance along.

"I love to see the people at our shows dancing and having a good time. That's more important than anything to me."

Matthew uses Gibson Thunderbird basses, Gallien-Kruger amplifiers and Steve Clayton Custom picks.


Mike Hynson- Guitars, Vocals, Keys, Harmonica

Mike Hynson has been in love with music since he was just a young kid. His father was a musician while Mike was young and he's more than following in his dad's footsteps with The Roosters. As the band's only multi-instrumentalist, Mike's value and contribution to the sound of the band is undeniable. He makes every Rooster show even more special with what he brings to the stage.

"I've just always felt that there's nothing better in the world but music," Mike says. But he's quick to add, "Except, of course, my family!"

Mike plays Fender and Gibson guitars and Mesa amps.